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2019 marks our 10th year anniversary of creating an enhanced lifestyle in communities throughout California, while successfully generating value for our Investors.  Although we pride ourselves of such a track record, we are humbled as we believe this is just the start of something more.  


Back in 2009, our founder focused on single family residences, striving to provide a distinctly unique product that would enhance the lives of those it touched, while benefiting communities around it.  Today, Noesis has grown that mission into various real asset types, including small-lot subdivisions, apartment buildings, and other residential and commercial developments.  


Our approach has always been to build a strong, resourceful and knowledgeable foundation before undertaking new ventures in different asset classes.  This has been the key to the development and success of our team at Noesis.  


We are thankful for our history and look forward to the opportunities ahead in making a positive difference in the world around us.  


If you are interested in learning more about our Investments Opportunities, please CONTACT US



  • Product Types:  Residential SFD & Small-Lot Subdivisions

  • Acquisition and New Development of Properties

  • Average Hold: 2 – 3 years 

  • Eventual for Sale Assets



  • Product Types:  Commercial Apartment Buildings & Office

  • Leasing, Capital Improvements, Partial Redevelopment

  • Average Hold: 7 – 10 years

  • Eventual for Sale Assets



  • Product Types:  Apartment Buildings, SLS, Office

  • Acquisition, New Development and Stabilization of Properties

  • Long Term Hold

About Us


Noesis Group (No-EE-sis) is a premier full service real estate design, development and investment firm based in Beverly Hills, California. Founded in 2009, Noesis Group specializes in creating luxury residential and commercial projects, providing investors and clients alike with exceptional returns on their investments.  

Our team of experienced professionals effortlessly blend high end designs with the latest environmentally sustainable technologies to produce harmonious flow and functionality with each property. It is of the utmost importance to us to remain innovative, luxurious, and cutting edge whilst being energy efficient and preserving our planet earth. 

Noesis Group’s focused vision and advanced ideas have yielded unique, thoughtfully detailed, state of the art properties for the last 10 years. We carefully work with investors to ensure each need is exclusively met in order to perfect their desired vision and financial outcome.

From large to small projects, the team at Noesis Group’s creative approach to real estate maximizes its knowledge and resources within a multi-disciplinary collaborative environment to provide clients with a transparent experience. We strive to continue to push the envelope and deliver a finished product that not only competes, but rises above the rest in the ever-competitive real estate landscape.


IGAL 3_edited.jpg

Igal N Azran


SYLVAIN 3_edited.jpg

Sylvain Sabbah Mani


ERIN 3.jpg

Erin McNicholas

Accounting Manager

ELI 3.jpg

Eli Abitbol

Project Coordinator

SARA 3.jpg

Sara Davallou

Property Manager

JIM 3.jpg

Jim Jones

Project Superintendent

Our Team
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