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Accounting Manager

As the accounting manager at Noesis, Erin utilizes her extensive experience in accounting and administration to help the Noesis team operate smoothly and efficiently.

Erin is a graduate of California State University Northridge.  She is a dean’s list student who holds a degree in biology, as well as a 4.0 GPA in business and accounting.  

Erin is a published author and co-author of literary and scientific publications, including an article on the analysis of costs and benefits related to repurposing land for various uses.  Her attention to detail is a helpful balance of business, art, and science.

Coming from a family heavily focused in accounting, finance, and real estate development, Erin has a natural affinity and love for this field.  Joining the Noesis Team has given her the chance to utilize her years of experience in accounting and administration, in an industry she adores.

With management, accounting and supervisory experience ranging from manufacturing companies, dental healthcare practices, and even Developmental Biology and Cancer laboratories, Erin has a broad background of experience to draw upon to guide her daily actions and help her team thrive.

Her personal interests outside of work include health, science, art, nature, running and weightlifting.  She also takes great joy in helping others and volunteering in the animal rescue communities.  She is a strong advocate of lifelong learning, health, and the humane treatment of all.

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